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Buddy L started as the Moline Press Steel Company, F.A. Lundahl, president and founder. This company flourished stamping out fenders, door panels and other pressed-steel truck and auto parts in an East Moline, Illinois factory. In 1913, they changed their name to the Moline Pressed Steel Company. This is the name that later appeared on the now classic line of toy vehicles, machinery, and railroad trains until 1930. Lundahl enjoyed doing business with International Harvester and many other automobile makers. Arthur Brown Lundahl was born Nov 16, 1915, and was nicknamed "Buddy L" by many of his friends, as there was already another Buddy living in their neighborhood. This nickname would stick, and later became the name of the Company. The Buddy L line of toys actually started in 1921 while Fred Lundahl was working on a large contract for sheet-metal parts from the International Harvester Company. He started to make a small miniature model of the complete international truck for his son. He was doing this more for recreation and with the thought of making something for him that would not break and interest him in the work. He made some toys and off he went to the New York Toy Show with some samples, and the rest is history.

Buddy L Buses - Buses, Coach Buses

Buddy L Construction - Aerial Tramways, Cement Mixers, Clamshell Dredges, Concrete Mixers, Large Derricks, Pile Drivers, Sand Loaders, Sand Screeners, Trenchers

Buddy L Pump Carts - Pump Carts

Buddy L Steam Shovels - Junior Steam Shovels, Sit-N-Ride Steam Shovels, Steam Shovels

Buddy L Trucks - Aerial Ladder Trucks, Air Mail Trucks, Auto Wrecking Trucks, City Dray Trucks, Dairy Trucks, Dump Trucks, Fire Trucks, Moving Vans, Oil Trucks, Red Baby, Sand & Gravel Trucks, Sprinkler Trucks, Water Tower Trucks




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