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The Keystone Manufacturing Company of Boston, Mass launched into the production of "Keystone" Pressed Steel Toys in 1924. With the approval of the Packard Motor Company, Keystone patterned their toy trucks after the well-know and highly visible, full size Packard trucks of the day. The hallmark of Keystone's "Packard" truck was the "Packard" decal prominently displayed on the front of each truck's radiator. Over the next 25 years Keystone produced many magnificent toy trucks, airplanes, trackless trains and construction toys. Keystone was one of the first manufacturers to bring real water-squirting fire trucks to market, as well as other innovative designs and patients, including a working air pressure pump located under the hood of the water-squirting fire trucks and the "Hydraulic Lift" dump trucks. Later, Keystone introduced the "Ride-Em" series of toys beginning in 1932. Keystone phased out the "Packard" name on their trucks in 1937 with the introduction of a new cab and hood profile featuring a separate plated grill and hood design with 3 horizontal ribs or louvers on each side.

Keystone Buses - Buses, Coast-To-Coast Buses

Keystone Moving Vans - Moving Vans

Keystone Road Rollers - Road Rollers

Keystone Trains - Freight Cars, Freight Coal Cars, Locomotives, Pullmans, Railroad Wreckers.

Keystone Trucks - Ambulance Trucks, Bakery Trucks, Circus Trucks, Dump Trucks, Koaster Trucks, Milk Trucks

Keystone U.S. Army Trucks - U.S. Army Trucks




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